Auto Parts

The Yacht Club space housed a Tire & Battery Store.

1970s - 1980s

Previous Tenants

The Yacht Club building space housed a methadone clinic, "Little Egypt Dance Studio", "Wisdom Galleries", and then sat empty for 2 years.


Build Out

Don "Hippie" Hinnamon, Don Sweet, and Michel Janko founded the Euclid Ave. Yacht Club.

April 10th, 1987

The Yacht Club Opens

The first Yacht Club Halloween Party was held on opening night.

1988 - Early 1990s

Motorcycle Bar

In the early years the Yacht Club was primarily known as a "Motorcycle Bar".



The Yacht Club expands into the dining area that was previously held by the "Bakers Cafe" Cajun Restaurant. It is still known as the "New Room" 27 Years Later.

2001 - 2005

Braves Central

During the Atlanta Braves Championships The Yacht Club became a very popular place to watch the games.

Don Sweet

Yacht Club Co-Founder

“You Weren’t Just A Friend…

You Were An Adventure”

1959 – 1990